The Warkworth Hockey Turf Charitable Trust aims to provide a friendly and relaxed atmosphere so that all patrons can enjoy the hockey turf facility at the Warkworth Showgrounds. For the comfort and safety of everyone attending events at the hockey turf facility, all patrons are required to abide by the following conditions of entry. Warkworth Hockey Turf Charitable Trust has a smoke free policy on and around the turf facility.

Entrance to and exit from the facility is by the gateway at the South West end of the turf. Players are to enter the playing surface via the 2 gates at the inner safety fence adjacent to the dugout.
Climbing over or sitting on, the inner safety fencing is prohibited.
Only APPROVED FOOTWEAR is permitted on playing surface (turf shoes, sand shoes or trainers). Prohibited footwear includes metal sprigs, cleats or fittings, high heels or ladies stiletto shoes. No dirt, mud, stones or tar on footwear, nor muddy feet, are permitted on the turf surface. Player and all other footwear must be cleaned on the brushes provided prior to anyone entering the playing area.
No watches or unnecessary jewellery to be worn by players on playing surface. No smoking, food, spitting or chewing gum is permitted on the playing surface. No personal gear, equipment etc, is to be left inside the inner fence line of the turf while matches are in progress.
After each game, all rubbish, bindings, tape etc must be removed from the turf and dugouts and disposed of appropriately.

All patrons are asked to treat the facility and other users of the facility with absolute respect at all times. All persons are to be adequately clothed and shall not use language or behave in a manner likely to offend other persons.
In regards to all people in authority at this turf (Umpires, Coaches, Members of the Trust and general public) if disrespectful or physical  abuse happens from any players or spectators – the Hockey Turf Trust reserves the right to remove them from the area. The Turf Trust reserves the right to bar any person from the turf for breaches of conditions of use document in accordance with our Lease with Council.
Patrons are prohibited from attendance at the facility who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, have prohibited items, throw a missile, who cause distress and disruption to others, behave in a disorderly manner, cause damage to turf or property, or enter / attempt to enter the field of play.
Patrons are to ensure that any rubbish they may bring into the facility is removed by them.
Patrons should be aware that sporting equipment such as hockey balls, footballs etc may be hit / kicked from the playing field beyond the inner turf safety fencing during events. Patrons are advised this can occur at any time and are asked to be vigilant at all times.
Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times while in the facility.
Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Warkworth Hockey Turf Charitable Trust if at any stage you have a concern regarding your comfort or safety in relation to the facility.

The following items are NOT PERMITTED on the turf playing surface at anytime: Food, chewing gum, liquids of any kind (other than water), alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances, cigarettes, cigars or pipes (lit or otherwise), glassware, glass bottles or breakable containers; canned drinks; flares and fireworks; laser lights or mirrors; metal containers including aerosols; furniture, chairs or stools; stalls or small structures, pets, animals (with the exception of Guide Dogs) or livestock; motor vehicles (except ambulances) , car parts; skateboards, scooters, rollerblades or bicycles; agricultural equipment / machinery of any type, and any item which, as deemed by the Warkworth Hockey Turf Charitable Trust, can cause damage to the turf surface or underlying shock pad (such as by ripping, cutting, indentation, puncturing, marking, melting) or the surrounding facility infrastructure or cause public nuisance or offence to any other user of the facility.